Play With Style: Bandana Pattern Guitar Strap

  • £19.99

Jo Says
"This pattern has great detail, try matching the silver and black strap to a guitar with silver hardware."

The style you play with isn't just your guitar - it's the strap, the strings, the accessories, the whole package.

If you like to play with style take a look at this stunning Bandana pattern guitar strap. The combination of just two colours with the intricate bandana pattern gives these straps a visual impact that compliments your guitar.  

There's some attitude in these straps too, hidden in the detail of the pattern.  The close weave gives crisp lines on the pattern and the fabric feels smooth to the touch and yet is tough and durable, able to meet the demands of all playing situations.  

The colour options allow you to match the straps with most guitars, so you're sure to find one that matches your own style. 


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